MMVTA Pilot – ConnectCard User Guide

ConnectCard Terms & Conditions

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Thank you for agreeing to participate in the MMVTA’s ConnectCard customer pilot. The purpose of the pilot is to test a variety of key technical functions related to the ConnectCard System before MMVTA moves forward with the rollout to all customers.

This quick guide will provide information on how to:
1. Use your ConnectCard on MMVTA buses

2. Re-load your ConnectCard


  1. Upon your initial ConnectCard purchase your 31 Day Pass, 10 Trip Ticket or Stored Value was issued and loaded with one of the three options previously listed. Also encoded on your ConnectCard was the fare category – Full or Reduced/Half Fare.
  2. When boarding local routes simply tap your ConnectCard when you board. When boarding the commuter buses toward Pittsburgh tell the operator where your final destination is prior to taping the card to ensure the farebox is set on the appropriate zone. If you boarded the Commuter bus in Pittsburgh, tap the farebox when you exit at your final destination.
  3. Listen for the beep:
    A “single beep” indicates your ConnectCard was accepted
    A “triple beep” indicates either the farebox was unable to read your card or your card is invalid
  4. If you receive a “triple beep” try tapping your card to the farebox again.
  5. If the “triple beep” persist, please review the message displayed and contract MMVTA customer service at 724-489-0880 or use the feedback form below. 
  6. As you tap your card, pay careful attention to the message on the display screen. If your card has been accepted, you will receive one of the following messages depending on the type of pass you purchased:

CardSamples1 CardSamples2

Below are possible explanations for receiving an error message.What you may see on the farebox if your card is not accepted:

Message Reason
“Transaction Not OK”/”Card Not Readable” Card may have been tapped too quickly.
“Not Valid Yet” Participant tried to use his/her pass before the validity date.
“ConnectCard Not Valid” Card does not have a valid product loaded on it.
“Card is Expired- No Valid Card” Card has expired.
“Invalid Card- Contact Issuer” Card has been hotlisted.
“Invalid- Recently Used” Passback message meaning the card has been recently used on the farebox or participant inadvertently double-tapped card.
“Insufficient Trips” Participant has already used all 10 trips on his/her 10-trip pass.
“Insufficient Funds” Stored value balance not sufficient to pay the fare.

If you continue to receive the errors above and you believe they are incorrect. Contact the MMVTA immediately via the ConnectCard contact form below.

Video of Sample ConnectCard transactions at Farebox


Since MMVTA is only Pilot Testing, not all of the re-valuing and payment location options are available. The following re-valuing are in place for Pilot Participants.

Please do not dispose of your ConnectCard prior to re-valuing. The intent of the ConnectCard is to continue reloading the card.

Web Purchases – Full and Reduced/Half Fare – 31 Day Passes & 10 Trip Tickets at Since this is a Pilot and MMVTA is testing the key Card functions the following are the Web purchases steps:

    • Customer places a Web purchase for a monthly pass or 10 Trip Ticket
    • MMVTA will send a new ConnectCard with a 31 Day Pass (instead of a monthly pass)
    • Or MMVTA will send a new ConnectCard with a 10 Trip Ticket. If multiple 10 Trip tickets are purchased, the ConnectCard will have one 10 Trip Ticket and the balance of 10 Trips will be provide via the 10 Trip Ticket Books
    • With the new ConnectCard and the receipt of the purchase, MMVTA provide the customer a self-addressed stamped envelope to return the ConnectCard that is currently in use once all trips are deducted or once the 31 Day pass has expired

MMVTA Charleroi Transit Center and Donora Bus Garage – Full and Reduced/Half Fare – 31 Day Passes, 10 Trip Tickets and Stored Value can be re-valued

    • MMVTA Charleroi Transit Center Hours:  Weekdays 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
    • MMVTA Donora Bus Garage Hours:  Available from beginning of bus service through end of service each day

Port Authority Service Center and Port Authority Ticket Vending Machines (major T station) – Stored Value re-values only – Full & Reduced/Half Fare


  • Please do not bend or punch holes in your ConnectCard.
  • Your ConnectCard can be reused over and over again
  • Your ConnectCard can be re-valued over and over again. Please do not throw away and then activate a new card once your current pass or stored value is depleted.
  • In this Pilot Project, your ConnectCard is automatically registered for Balance Protection when you receive your initial ConnectCard. (note – in full launch customers will be responsible for registering for Balance Protection)
  • Balance Protection secures the value on the card in the event that it is ever lost or stolen.
  • Contact the MMVTA immediately if your ConnectCard is lost or stolen at 724-489-0880 or use the form below.

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