Service Alerts

2/12/18 – Stop Change for Liberty Towers

2018 Proposed Fare & Zone Adjustments-UPDATE

2018 Proposed Fare & Zone Adjustments **UPDATE: THE MMVTA BOARD OF DIRECTORS PASSED THE FARE INCREASE AT THE NOVEMBER BOARD MEETING, THURS. NOV. 30TH. THE INCREASE WILL BE IN EFFECT ON JAN. 1, 2018.  Since FY 2014-2015, MMVTA has been able to sustain current operations without adjusting fares. Due to the rising cost of service Read more

2017-18 Winter Plan

Winter Plan 2017-18 In order to help riders make better plans when inclement weather conditions occur, we are proposing the following plans for all of our routes. In cases where snowfall occurs, we will use a 3 tiered plan of conditional notification. Green, Yellow, and Red. Green–  would indicate normal operations. This would be for Read more

3/3/17 – Rte. 88 at Rte. 837 Stop Location

Attention ALL Riders: Effective 3/3/17 Rte. 88 at Rte. 837  stop located across from the Giant Eagle parking in lot in Carroll Twp. will be temporarily discontinued due to the recent construction project in the the area. This is a safety concern. MMVTA is encouraging Riders to use the MMVTA Transit Center Park & Ride lot for Read more

MMVTA Flag Stop Policy

Attention all Riders: Effective JULY 1, 2015, MMVTA will no longer honor flag stops in signed communities.  Throughout your community, you have probably noticed  bus stop signage. This is part of a campaign to provide a safe, convenient and reliable transportation service in the Mon Valley area and beyond. The bus stop signs are specifically Read more